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My friends call me Techno Junkie! I am just the kind of person who drools over the latest neatest coolest Electronic Gadgets and I love to share my passion...

Gigs by GadgetsGuru

Ever wanted to write secret messages to your lover? Now you can, and only he/she will know! Also kids will love this pen! They have a great imagination! Buy it for them! Once ink dries it's impossible to notice with the naked eye, unless you have a UV light somewhere. Pen has a UV LED mounted with it, for seeing the text! Also it can be used as counterfeit money detector (by revealing water marks).

It's a gimmick, a hilarious gift for your lover, husband/wife, boy/girl. It's dirt cheap with crazy features - Nice and funny keychain - Very bright light so it can be useful. - Batteries last long (3*AG3 Included) - Small size. - It has two high bright LED's inside. NOTE: I will ship it within 2 to 8 days, but depending on your address it could take anything between 7 days to 27 days to reach it to you.

I will show you how to advertise for Free to Mobile users using a simple Gadget. I will tell you how they work, where to get one and get your advert Pre-loaded. It works at a range of 100 feet! Just leave it anywhere and when people pass by with their Bluetooth activated it will send them the message. This is Unique. Order now for details.

I will send you the World's Smallest Solar Powered Car for $5

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Looking for a fun and cool toy? This mini solar powered car is a perfect toy or gift! No batteries required. When the sun shines on the solar panel, the panel makes electricity that turns the motor and the wheels - Will also work when close to a strong artificial light source.

Ships in 2 to 4 days (5 to 8 during Christmas / New Year season). I'll try my best to deliver it as fast as possible! For a Very Limited Time - Worldwide FREE SHIPPING!